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Welcome to Wireless Connectivity in Medical Device
Song Tong
Song Tong
the Research Institute of Telecommunications Transmission. MIIT
Lu Jingtai
Lu Jingtai
The Second Artillery General Hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation Army
Liu Fan
Liu Fan
CIO & Assistant of President
Peking University People’s Hospital
Shang Bangzhi
Shang Bangzhi
Senior Expert for Informationization
Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University
Li Ye
Li Ye
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Roby Liu
Roby Liu
Investment Director
Wei Siang Yu
Wei Siang Yu
Borderless Healthcare Group
Piush Vidyarthi
Piush Vidyarthi
CrossBay Medical, inc.
David Amor
David Amor
Chief Operations Officer/ Managing Partner
ReMind Technologies LLC/ MEDgineering Inc.
T.W. Langejan
T.W. Langejan
Chairman of the Board
Dutch Healthcare Authority
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  • According to the report by China Institute of Communications in February, nowadays, the global wireless medical market keeps persistent overheating. The mobile operators in wireless medical industry will achieve more than 11.5 billion dollars revenue, which consist with 6.6 billion for medical device manufacturers, 2.6 billion dollar for app developers, software and hardware providers and 2.4 billion dollar for medical service suppliers.
  • The investment of medical IT in 2012 was 18.56 billion Yuan, of which the year-on-year growth of 2011 reaches 22.6%. It will remain stable rising tendency and rational outlay for medical information construction in 2013. The amount of medical IT investment in 2013 is predicted to be around 22.55 billion Yuan, with year-on-year growth of 21.5% in 2012
  • Currently, ever-improving basic conditions of wireless medical bring the medical informatization in China into a revolution era. More and more professional believe it is the mHealth and wisdom medical enhancing the medical model by driving it becomes to individuation and hommization. The Chinese wireless medical market will grow as the most attractive and creative ones in the world with the arid of promotion of policy and popularization of mobile use-end.
  • Challenges and opportunities are obvious in this industry, which are covered in the conference agenda: The trends of wireless medical and eHealth all over the world; Application and case study of Internet of things, IT and Cloud; Technical Renovation and Standardization; Data integration, management and safety insurance.
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Vice President
General Manager
Governmental Medical Institute
Sanitary Bureau
Health Care
Scientific Research Institute
Medical Device Manufacturer
System Integrator
Wireless Network Operator
Mobile Terminal Supplier
Intelligent Solution
Law Firm/Consulting
Why Should You Attend?
  • Most authoritative analyze for latest laws and policies for wireless medical
  • Special focus Chinese mHealth care marketing
  • Adopting advanced technologies and cost control to further save hospital resource
  • Sharing practices of private data security and risk management
  • 15+ professional speakers & 200+ specialized delegates ensure the high-level wireless medical summit
  • Targeted audience – Meet clinical professionals for intelligent medical industry in a highly targeted conference environment
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